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Welcome to the Aerosoft A330 project

The A330 is by far our largest project to date. Rather than looking at the development of the A330 as a single product, we have decided to take a platform approach, which means that we are committed to supporting, developing and extending the A330 for years to come. This page will keep you updated on the progress and planned enhancements of the A330. So check back regularly to make sure you don't miss anything!

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One of the many liveries that will be included on release: the newly renamed Discover Airlines.

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Let's power it up!

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A detailed look at the A330-300's engine mounts. Do you recognize the airline?

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An update on the A330 release schedule


Following a thorough evaluation of the project, we have decided to shift the development and release of the A330 around the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. This will allow us to greatly expand the focus of the project – including multiple engine options.
Additionally, we are planning to release both the CEO and NEO variants of the A330 simultaneously.
Once we have more details to share, we will update you via this page.

FMS Testing


… and another milestone ticked off: Engine performance tuning and tweaking is now done!

Our testers can finally get back on track. We are aware that it is sometimes very frustrating for testers when things don't work properly and you can't complete the flight successfully as a result. However, this phase seems to have finally been overcome. Fortunately, we have many testers who fly to different airports all over the world with all sorts of arrivals and approaches. This shows how good our custom flight management system really is and where things still need improving. The most common error is the handling of the different waypoint types. We will now gradually eliminate these, which can be quite a time-consuming task. Fortunately, it's not a question of whether, but only how quickly we can get it done.

We are also continuing to work diligently on the vertical autopilot modes and on the documentation, which will come in both text and video form. It's quite an extensive undertaking, but we're already pretty far along and are continuously adapting the documentation to our development progress.
The end-of-the-year sprint is underway and we will try to make as much progress as possible before the Christmas break – and we're already looking forward to next year!



We have worked our way through several valleys in the code and got rid of many loose ends from the P3D. As is so often the case, most of the problems are relatively easy to solve, but there are those 2-3 things that are supposed to be small problems, but in reality turn out to be bigger and more extensive. This is particularly true for the Airbus, where the systems are very closely interlinked.

An important milestone was setting the performance of the engines correctly, because only then can our sound engineer continue working.

Another point was the lateral tracking of the autopilot. Do you remember the screenshot with the egg dance flight path? Fortunately, that's history.

Now there is another important building block that we have to cover. The aircraft systems calculate the planned flight route, speed, altitude, vertical climb/descent, etc. based on various factors. We've come this far. Now we have to teach the autopilot to work with this data. But the best planning is useless if reality gets in the way. So this data must also be constantly recalculated in real time. We are currently working on this.

As you can see from the previous screenshots, we have almost finished the 3D model. So this milestone has already been mastered. Now we "just" need the systems to do what we want them to do. We will give you more information on this soon.

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At the moment, we are still in the process of finalizing the feature set. We will provide continuous updates on the feature set on this page.

At the moment we can't announce a date for a release yet.

Since pricing depends on the planned feature set, which has not yet been finalized, we are unable to provide more precise pricing information at this time.

Yes. Our flight management system, which was built from the ground up, takes into account lateral and vertical guidance, including the associated autopilot modes.

Yes, without any additional cost.

You definitely can. However, you should familiarize yourself with the handling of the aircraft beforehand. Under certain circumstances you will have to fly maneuvers that are usually facilitated by additional systems, which will not be available from day 1.

Yes, you can easily import your Simbrief flight plan via the EFB and even load the aircraft automatically with the correct values.

Yes, the aircraft is fully GSX compatible.

Yes, the MCDU's are independent of each other.

New dev status quo and dev snapshots will be posted regularly. Check this site regularly to not miss any updates!